One of the goals of our disclosing the R&D activities, carried out within EHFEngine team, is search for our solutions' supporters and critics, invitation for technologists, designers, researchers and patent experts to cooperate. We will be glad to interact both with teams and individual specialists.
Isothermal piston converter (IPC) is a device, used to convert expanding working body energy into work, and vice versa, in case such converter is used to compress working body. The cylinder cover and converter piston are equipped with the heat exchangers, having well developed mutually duplicating surface. The heat exchangers serve to supply heat to the working body when it is being expanded, or to remove heat from the working body when it is compressed. The heat exchangers special design allows preserving minimum sub-piston space regardless their considerable surface area in the upper dead center and vice versa it ensures working volume in the lower dead center, comparable to the cylinder piston group with no heat exchangers.

It is known that even approximate preservation of the working body temperature at its expansion allows obtaining from the converter up to 30% more work from the similar working body mass, same situation with compression when similarly less work is consumed. Isothermal converter is applicable in Stirling and similar external heated engines, as well as in various compressors and gas compression units. This converter is best used in the units delivering their maximum efficiency if they operate the thermodynamic cycle with isothermal compression and/or expansion processes, or processes close to the same.

At present, we are researching and patenting modified heat exchanger surface inducing heat exchange between the working body and heat exchanger. This technology is unique and it is ideally combined with the isothermal converter, described above, it allows increasing expansion and compression processes quality, increasing piston running speed and, subsequently, engine or compressor unit power.
The main technical and structural specifications, as well as working parameters of the Isothermal Piston Converter, applied in the pilot installation:
Design of the Isothermal Piston Converter applied in the pilot installation:

Interactive 3D model, where you may hide and show any part, is available here. You will have to download the file and use Acrobat Reader DC installed on your computer.

Technical specifications of the Isothermal Piston Converter applied in the pilot installation:

Check Appendices section for more details on the subject.

Tests program, including technical specifications of the equipment applied.

View the program in higher resolution or download it here

The following tasks are being solved, using the pilot installation, including the Multi-Capsule Isochoric Converter:
1. Confirm declared efficiency rate. R&D methodology and results thereof will be published as they are obtained.
2. Along with the other participants, engaged into the project, we are ready to initiate activities aimed at developing solutions to build industrial prototypes; highly efficient compressor and simple, reliable external heated engine based on the principles used in the announced R&D activities.

Main directions of these activities:

- design of the heater, having well developed surface as well as developing mechanism to transfer heat from external source, similarly cooler is to be developed for external heated engine cold cylinder or compressor;
- design of the piston, having well developed surface;
- design of the piston sealing along with the cylinder material and manufacturing technology, whereas lubrication-free mode is the main challenge;
- design of the dual operation mode isothermal piston converter;
- design of the work converting device (various generators) along with kinematic mechanisms to connect them with the isothermal converter;
- design of electro-magnetic valves;
- creating acceleration algorithms;
- developing microprocessor control unit, etc.

We welcome cooperation with engineering teams, capable to get involved into our activities on designing, prototyping and testing our full concept or any part of the technological products, mentioned above.
3. We are building an array of the experimental data to be used for mathematical modeling; this activity is carried out along with the Siberian Federal University, Russian Academy of Science Siberian Branch Thermal Physics Institute. The deliverables will be used to design industrial prototypes of the external heated engines and compressors.
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