One of the goals of our disclosing the R&D activities, carried out within EHFEngine team, is search for our solutions' supporters and critics, invitation for technologists, designers, researchers and patent experts to cooperate. We will be glad to interact both with teams and individual specialists.
Multi-Capsule Isochoric Converter (MCIC) is used to implement a unique working body fragmentation principle. The essence of the principle is making the energy converting unit work in long cycles mode, whereas in each cycle a certain operation is carried out with relatively small working body portion. This approach is different from the traditional principles of the working cycles arrangement and has the following specific features:

1. In course of isochoric (constant volume) heating of the separate working body portion temperature increase of the latter is approximately proportionate to the received heat quantity. This specific feature makes allows decreasing significantly the temperature of the heat source, used to make the engine or steam power unit work, thus increasing the engine/unit total efficiency.

2. During isochoric heating the working body pressure is increased up to the necessary level, hence the engine or steam power unit closed cycle is implemented without feeding pump/s, saving own power consumption to drive such pump/s. This feature significantly increases the engine/unit efficiency and reduces its prime cost as well as maintenance expenses.
The unit design is simple and it is made of just several capsules (chambers) and distributor. The capsules (chambers) are used for working body fragmentation as well as its isochoric heating. The distributor is necessary to channel the working body flows as well as the flows of the heating medium, circulating from the heating source.
The main technical and structural specifications, as well as working parameters of the Multi-Capsule Isochoric Converter, built as part of the pilot installation:
Design of the Multi-Capsule Converter, applied in the pilot installation:

Interactive 3D model, where you may hide and show any part, is available here. You will have to download the file and use Acrobat Reader DC installed on your computer.

Technical specifications of the Multi-Capsule Isochoric Converter applied in the pilot installation

Check Appendices section for more details on the subject

Animated diagram explaining Multi-Capsule Isochoric Converter operation

Click here to watch the animation, demonstrating the unit operation with working body phase change (fluid – vapor). Please be advised that this diagram is slightly different from the operation mode implemented on the pilot installation

Tests program including technical specifications of the equipment applied. View the program with higher resolution or download it here

We are solving the following tasks using pilot installation, including Multi-Capsule Isochoric Converter:
1. Confirm declared efficiency rate. R&D methodology and results thereof will be published as they are obtained.
2. Along with the other participants, engaged into the project, we are ready to initiate activities, aimed at developing solutions to build industrial prototypes; simple and reliable heat and power generators, waste heat recovery units, using low-boiling liquids as working bodies, as well as power generating solar thermal units, all of the above to employ principles, being our R&D subject matter.

Isochoric Multi-Capsule Converter R&D main directions:
- design of working bodies and heating medium distributors for the specific power units along with driving units;
- design of working body fragmentation capsules (chambers);
- optimum integration of distributors and fragmentation capsules (chambers) in one unit;
- selecting working bodies against design values;
- developing variable operating algorithms capable to adjust to the operation mode changes (load, heat source, etc.)

We welcome cooperation with engineering teams, capable to get involved into our activities on designing, prototyping and testing our full concept or any part of the technological products, mentioned above.
3. We are building a set of design solutions and calculation techniques to build solar thermal power generating unit prototype equipped with multi-capsule isochoric converter.
The diagram, provided above, demonstrates most simple and efficient operation mode of such unit, having the following specific features:

- operation on gaseous working body without phase change
- simple design
- reliability and durability
- complete automation
- more efficient utilization of usable area and lower cost, compared to PV installations.

Apart from patents we own a number of know-how in the field.

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